A n t o n  D i a b e l l i:  W o r k s  f o r  F l u t e  a n d  G u i t a r
Anton Diabelli

A. Diabelli: Works for Flute and Guitar

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MDG 903 2215-6
Ouverture "The Barber of Seville"Opera by G. Rossini Grande Sérénade op. 67 Duo D-Dur Grande Sérénade sentimentale op. 99 Pot-Pourri from Beethoven’s best loved works No. 1 Ouverture "The Thieving Magpie"Opera by G. Rossini

Duo Images

Helen Dabringhaus, Flute
Negin Habibi, Guitar

G. Rossini/ A. Diabelli: La gazza ladra - Ouverture

A. Diabelli: Pot-Pourri from Beethoven’s best loved works

A. Diabelli: Grande Sérénade op. 67 - Marcia. Allegro con fuoco

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